Let It Burn (Martin's Folly, 1996)

Martin's Folly
Chris Gray and Jim Duffy


"Let It Burn" is from the first Martin's Folly album, self-titled. We recorded it at Coyote Studio in Brooklyn in October 1995, on the night we turned the clocks back to Eastern Standard Time. That may have contributed to the vibe on the tune.

Vocals by Chris Gray. He and I wrote the tune. I came up with the title after a trip to Brazil. I had heard the expression "Deixa Queimar," "let it burn," meaning let it go, don't fuss with it. Chris took the lyrics a step further.

Producer is Eric "Roscoe" Ambel, who also plays one of the acoustic guitars. and that fine harmonica solo is by Andy York. I play organ. I had a head cold that night, so I was able to reach the low notes on the backup vocals. 


When you said

What you said when you told me

You told me more than I knew

That's not much, but I missed it, I missed it all

That's OK, so you said, then you showed me

You showed me more, more than I wanted

And more, more than I needed

Let it burn, it's all I got

And I'll burn it, I'll burn it to the ground

Your hand was out, so I reached

And you pulled it, you pulled it away

Not too far, not far enough, so I grabbed it

I pulled it back, back to me

That was good, but it faded, it faded away, away from me

Is there nothing, nothing left to say?

Let it burn, it's all I've got

And I'll burn it, I'll burn down for you

Let it burn, it's all I've got

And I'll burn it, I'll burn it down for you

You're all I wanted, you're all I needed

I hope, I hope these things were true

All I have is what I got

And you can have it

You can take this from me

In return, not much, just an answer

Or even a lie, that's OK

I lie too and you know it, it's what we do

It's what we know

I take, I take these things from you

Let it burn, it's all I've got

And I"ll burn it, I'll burn it down for you

Let it burn

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